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Download Gogalthorps NEW HTML management software
NEW Version 1.4.
Xmanage is designed to help you manage multiple Internet Web sites. It allows you to track and maintain all your Sites and Pages. What sponsor is on each page and which banner is being used.

Xmanage also allows you to track which Posting Sites you submit each page to and takes you to them to post when it time to post again.

Xmanage allows you to edit the HTML files for each page and also store, copy, and paste common code. Xmanage will take you to your pages and your Statistic pages.

Xmanage will double or triple the number of web pages you can maintain with the same amount of effort.

NEW in Version 1.1
Now allows Cloning of entire sites.
Now includes over 50 TGP and SE sites.

New in Version 1.2
You can now scan HTML files directly into Xmanage's Databases. Xmanage will also scan the HTML source for Sponsor and Post Site URLs.

New in Version 1.3
Do Search and Replaces accross multiple HTML files. If you replace a Sponsor's or Post's code Xmanage will automaticly correct the databases!
New Rename function for pages.
Now generates HTML code from Post and Sponsor Databases.

New in Version 1.4
Now schedule unattended FTP transfers of single or groups of files.
Now allows managment of Post sites "BUTTON" graphic files.

System Requirements

Win95,98/NT 200Mhz Pentium or better, 32Meg (64Meg recomended)
5Meg Disk Space, and an Unzip program.
IE 4.0 or higher must be installed to view help files!

Download Instructions DEMO Version 1.4

Click on the FREE icon below to download the DEMO Version Xdemo14.exe. Save to an empty (temporary) folder, run the file and follow instructions. Read 'readme.txt' for more information. Once Xmanage is installed you may delete the temporary folder.

To Purchase the full unlimited version 1.4, Click on CLICK HERE link. Your Credit Card will be charged just $39.95

Demo is now has unlimited functionality.

Download time ~ 20 min at 28.8

Xmanage DEMO Software

CLICK HERE to purchase FULL version 1.4, just $39.95

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