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Download Gogalthorps NEW SQL Database Utility
NEW Version 1.0.

SQLDBU allows you to create edit or drop SQL tables with a simple intuitive interface. Add, drop columns, set filters and sort orders. Import from and export to dbf files. Full SQL statement interface.

SQLDBU works through an OBDC driver. You must have a driver installed in order to access the SQL database. If accessing Oracle it is recommended that you use the Microsoft Oracle driver rather than the Oracle driver. The Oracle driver does not support skip -1 in a cursor, there for you will not be able to scroll backwards in the browse window. The Microsoft driver supports this feature.

You can get the Microsoft drivers at http://www.microsoft.com/data/download.htm

Click on the FREE icon below to download the DEMO Version setupdemo.exe. Save to an empty (temporary) folder, run the file and follow instructions. Once SQLDbu is installed you may delete the temporary folder.

To Purchase the full unlimited version 1.0, Click on CLICK HERE link. Your Credit Card will be charged just $34.95

Demo now has unlimited functionality but is limited to 40 runs.

Download time ~ 20 min at 28.8

SQLDbu DEMO Software includes Xbase++ runtime DLLs 2.2meg

SQLDbu DEMO Software requires Xbase++ Ver 1.3 526K

SQLDbu DEMO Software requires Xbase++ Ver 1.5 526K

SQLDbu DEMO Software requires Xbase++ Ver 1.7 526K

CLICK HERE to purchase FULL version 1.15 Includes Runtime, just $34.95

CLICK HERE to purchase version 1.15 Xbase++ Source Code, just $34.95

Source Code Requires SQLExpress

Iím the IT Manager at Bigwords.com distribution center and SQLDBU has made it easy for me manipulate data in our Oracle database. Not being a power Oracle user and not being proficient at sql statements, I asked Jim Loughner of Made To Order Software to write a utility for me to simplify the task of acting DBA. The result was SQLDBU.

It is very easy to use and yet has the flexibility to use complex statements in order to bring the data you need to the screen enabling you to change, delete and update data as you wish.

Thanks Jim for a superb product that Iíll use for years to come.

Vern C. Reynolds
It Manager, Bigwords.com Distribution Center

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