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Download Gogalthorps new appointment scheduling program and whenever you have a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary you will have the option to visit Gogalthorp Department Store to choose a great gift or send a card to those you love! Schedule is a single/multi user program to track appointments for as many people as need. An easy to use interface makes Schedule the best appointment scheduling program available.

Schedule is a multiple-user calendar program that keeps track of appointments and notifies you in advance of special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

The main window displays a calendar. To view or edit a day's appointments simply click on that day. The program supports recurring appointments.

The meetings function lets you schedule several people at one time to the same meeting. You can change the notes so each person gets a unique note.

You can also set reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special dates. It can warn you a specified number of days in advance of the event

Schedule can be run stand alone or over a LAN.

New version 1.4 now supports all common date formats. Prints appointment reports. Allows deletion of recurring appointments.

New version 2.0 Improved, simplified data entry. Now allows selection of forground colors. New Secure version available.

System Requirements

Win95/WinNT 133Mhz Pentium or better 16Meg (32Meg recomended) 5Meg Disk Space Unzip program.

Download Instructions Version 2.0

Click on the FREE icon below to download Setup.exe. Save to an empty (temporary) folder Run Setup.exe and follow instructions. Once Schedule is installed you may delete the temporary folder.

If you need a more Secure Schedule program you can click on the BUY Secure link below to purchase Gogalthorps new Schedule Secure Version 2.0.

Scheduling Software

If you have problems downloading from this site try SoftSeek.com


CLICK HERE to purchase Secure Version 2.0 $15.00

Bikini Version

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